Best Pizza Restaurants In The U.S.

1. Tacconelli’s Pizzeria (Philadelphia): A Taste of Tradition Since 1946

In the heart of Philadelphia, Tacconelli’s Pizzeria stands as a testament to a timeless tradition. Since Italian immigrant Giovanni Tacconelli first served his tomato pies in 1946, the recipe has remained unchanged—a nod to the authenticity and flavors that have captivated generations.

Tacconelli’s tomato pies, characterized by minimal cheese, have become a Philadelphia institution. The commitment to preserving the essence of Giovanni’s original creation is a journey through history with every bite, making Tacconelli’s a revered destination for those seeking a taste of classic Italian-American pizza.

2. Kesté Pizza and Vino (New York): Neapolitan Mastery in the Heart of NYC

In the bustling landscape of New York City, Kesté Pizza and Vino stands out as a beacon of Neapolitan pizza mastery. Chef and co-owner Roberto Caporuscio, a former cheese salesman in Italy, brings his passion and expertise to create some of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas in the city.

The signature Regina Margherita pizza is a testament to Caporuscio’s dedication, topped with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil, and extra-virgin olive oil. Kesté invites diners on a culinary journey to Naples, delivering an authentic taste of Italy in the heart of New York.

3. Lucali (Brooklyn): No-Frills Excellence in Every Slice

Nestled in Brooklyn, Lucali embodies the essence of no-frills excellence. Chef-owner Mark Iacono’s outstanding pies have garnered a loyal following, drawing crowds even before officially opening. The unassuming dining room is the backdrop to pizzas that speak volumes through their simplicity and quality.

Lucali’s commitment to craft is evident in every slice, making it a destination for pizza purists seeking an authentic and uncomplicated experience. In the ever-evolving Brooklyn culinary scene, Lucali remains a timeless gem, where the focus is on the art of pizza-making.

Best Pizza Restaurants In The U.S.

4. Rubirosa (New York City): A Family Recipe and Thin-Crusted Perfection

In the heart of Little Italy, Rubirosa, founded by Angelo “AJ” Pappalardo, has become a haven for those seeking authentic Italian flavors. Specializing in a thin-crusted pie derived from a nearly 60-year-old family recipe from Staten Island, Rubirosa brings a taste of tradition to the vibrant New York pizza scene.

Pappalardo’s commitment to quality extends to offering gluten-free pizza dough, ensuring that every diner can indulge in the thin-crusted perfection that defines Rubirosa. In a neighborhood known for its Italian heritage, Rubirosa stands out as a modern classic, blending nostalgia with culinary innovation.

5. Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix, Arizona): Crafting America’s Best Pies

Regarded by many as America’s best, Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona, elevates pizza-making to an art form. Star Pizzaiolo Chris Bianco’s dedication to excellence is evident in the beautiful, wood-fired crusts made from organic flour and topped with fresh and house-smoked mozzarella.

The menu showcases a variety of pies, each a masterpiece of flavor and texture. Whether savoring the marinara pizza, a favorite of Chris Bianco himself, or exploring other offerings, patrons at Pizzeria Bianco experience a culinary journey that reflects the pinnacle of American pizza craftsmanship.

Best Pizza Restaurants In The U.S.

6. Totonno’s (Brooklyn): A Coney Island Institution

A Coney Island institution, Totonno’s has earned its place in the pantheon of Brooklyn’s pizza legacy. Known for its big, saucy Margherita Neapolitan pies, Totonno’s has been delighting locals and visitors alike with its classic offerings.

The rich history of Totonno’s, combined with its commitment to traditional pizza-making, creates an atmosphere where every bite is a connection to the heritage of Brooklyn’s culinary landscape. As a longstanding presence in the community, Totonno’s remains a cherished destination for those seeking a taste of authentic New York-style pizza.

7. Di Fara (Brooklyn): A Legacy of Perfectly Balanced Pies

The history of Di Fara, a Brooklyn pizza institution, will be passed down through the generations. Domenico DeMarco, the late proprietor of the restaurant, who continued to bake pies well into his 80s, left an everlasting influence on the New York pizza scene. The pies that are produced by this family-owned and operated business are a reflection of his dedication to perfection, which is shown in the fact that they are precisely balanced.

The pizzas at Di Fara are certain to be works of art since they are made using fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Grana Padano cheeses, which are all prepared on a daily basis. Pizza lovers who are looking for an authentic slice of New York’s pizza heritage continue to make a pilgrimage to Di Fara’s, which serves as a beacon of tradition in the ever-changing environment of Brooklyn.

8. Sullivan Street Pizza (New York City): Jim Lahey’s Crispy and Chewy Masterpieces

The New York City establishment known as Sullivan Street Pizza, which was established by the renowned baker Jim Lahey, is a celebration of pie crusts that are crisp, chewy, and somewhat acidic. Lahey’s reputation as one of the most skilled bakers in the country is reflected in each and every slice, with the Popeye pie, which is his signature pie, taking the spotlight.

Lahey’s Popeye is a dish that exemplifies his mastery of dough and flavor, as it is topped with pecorino, Gruyère, mozzarella, black pepper, garlic, and spinach. Within the center of Manhattan, Sullivan Street Pizza, which was once known as Co., is a destination for individuals who have an appreciation for the artistic process of crust-making.

Best Pizza Restaurants In The U.S.

Conclusion: A Slice of History, Tradition, and Culinary Excellence

As we journey through the hallowed halls of Tacconelli’s in Philadelphia, the bustling streets of New York City’s Kesté, the timeless charm of Lucali in Brooklyn, the family traditions at Rubirosa, the wood-fired elegance of Pizzeria Bianco in Arizona, the Coney Island legacy of Totonno’s, the iconic status of Di Fara in Brooklyn, and the crust mastery at Sullivan Street Pizza, a slice of history, tradition, and culinary excellence unfolds.

These pizzerias, each with its unique story and commitment to craftsmanship, are more than places to savor pizza—they are institutions that have shaped the American culinary landscape. In every bite, we taste not just the flavors of meticulously crafted pies but also the heritage and passion that have made these establishments timeless classics in the world of pizza-making.

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